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Earth Day Ceremony

Pueblo Community College hosted an Earth Day 2024 celebration. Spirit Food shared an interactive sound healing and ceremony

Earth Flow Rebirth

Gallery 121  CSU Pueblo April 2024

Earth Flow Rebirth performance

CSU Pueblo Gallery April 8 2024

Tei Kobayashi led the visiting artist workshop at CSU Pueblo, introducing students to Butoh and Katsugen Undo performance and healing techniques. 

Earth Flow Rebirth was a collaborative performance that emerged from the workshop. Pueblo Clay was poured and yoiked, a vocal embodied healing, as Tei slowly pulled the 40-foot canvas, allowing the painting to grow.  The rebirth evolved as Tei slowly wrapped and unwrapped using traditional Japanese cloth soaked in mud.

Performers: Tei Kobayashi, Bob Marsh, Helen Eberhardie Dunn, Karen Yescavage, Veronica Moffitt, and Ember Peaslee.

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