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performance, offering, eco-feminism, installation, embodied sound


The earliest lessons we learn come from the Earth. The marvel of a blue sky, of rain, of snow. The feeling of dirt between our toes and the scent of grass in the air. The curiosity that accompanies inspecting insects, the bravery that accompanies climbing trees, the wonder and flavors of fruits and vegetables. Earth has educated us, grounded us, humbled us, inspired us. What lessons do you learn each day from Earth? How do you give back to her?

Brianna Curran, Washington, DC

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What We Do

Sky Soul Art Studio offers immersive experiences, workshops, ceremony and installations, rooted in nature and community healing. Using technology:  film, soundscapes and projection combined with natural materials and voice we can connect intimately with natural elements such as soil, sun, rock, water, wind, and sky.


Solastalgia, describes the fear and grief we encounter in relation to climatic changes. Evaporation, Erosion, Growth and Flow are processes we can embody to better understand our relationship to the earth. Introspective and community focused events encourage inclusive and compassionate perspectives.

Encountering  the monumental and the microscopic we experience the magnitude of time. Increased awareness of nature and mortality help us heal personal and ancestral grief.

SKY SOUL STUDIO  Art Collective

Performers, Artists, Creatives

Passionate about the environment, dedicated to creative practice


BloBack Gallery

CSU Pueblo

Think 360 Arts

Colorado Creative Industries

Kadoya Gallery

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