AWARDS - Fellowships and Invitations

Royal College of Art Ray Finnis Trust Study Award to Kyoto, Japan. 

Associate of The Royal British Society of Sculptors.

Arts Council of Great Britain - International touring exhibit grant award

Heller Fellow - UCCS

Artist In Residence - UCCS

Rough Ruby Artist Collective - women artists of the American West

Hillsdale Fund - grant award Exo-Sanctuaries


Between 2000 - 2005, the Park City Arts Council in Utah commissioned a series of public sculptures 

'Snow Spirit' [marble] National Abilities Center,'

'Wing' [bronze] Canyons Ski Resort

'Flamebird' [bronze] Swaner Nature Center

'Calyx' [jade] Kimball Art Center.




2016   Secret Self - Manitou Arts Center 

2004  108 Crystal Lotuses - A Prayer for Peace  GOCA

1995    Prayer for Happiness - Kyoto Gaidai

1990   Elementals - Somerset/ London


2010  Teach Me, Show Me  GOCA

2009  Blueprints  FAC Modern

2003  AKA     GOCA

1997-2002  International Collection of Women's Art, New Hall Cambridge

1996  Sound Mandala, Royal College of Art



FAC Modern, Colorado Springs - Blue Prints Exhibit

Think 360 Arts, Denver - teaching artist


In 2009 Eberhardie Dunn masterminded 'BluePrints' a multi-dimensional science/art integration workshop where students K-6 explored D.N.A. and identity alongside students from UCCS. Hellen then curated the exhibition 'Blueprints' at the F.A.C. Modern in Colorado Springs, with professor Bob Palais, University of Utah and local artists. The exhibition included: giant hanging mobile made from recycled materials and castings, D.N.A video projection installation, macro cyanotypes, and 'seed morphing' animations. 

"A passionate and gifted educator, Helen's extensive personal practice is foundational to her instruction. Using a wide spectrum of processes and media she employs traditional sculptural and conceptual pedagogy to both challenge and inspire....."


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