Helen Eberhardie Dunn studied sculpture with Helen Chadwick, the first woman to be nominated for the Turner prize. Dunn received her M.F.A from the Royal College of Art, London where she was awarded the Ray Finnis scholarship to Kyoto, Japan. A member of the Royal Society of British Sculptors, Helen has created a series of public sculpture commissions. The Arts Council of Great Britain funded her residency at UCCS with the Gallery of Contemporary Art for the international traveling installation ‘108 Lotuses a Payer for Peace’. Helen was subsequently awarded the Heller Fellowship for BluePrints workshop and exhibit at the Fine Arts Center in Colorado Springs.  

‘Art becomes offering.


Honoring intimate perceptions of time and space,


I invite what is hidden to manifest.


The pervasive essence and resonance of earth, water, sun and sky,


and the physical fluidity where they connect, 


is expressed in my work as fluctuating surfaces.’

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